Ini aku boleh request dari Janet eonni. Makasih eonni a lovely fanfict-nya. I really love it 🙂

Not Just Fairytale


“WINTER STORY”  by  Janet Xu


  • Cast : Oh Sehun, Park Junghwa (Yooyoung HV)
  • Genre : Romance, Teenager
  • Length : Oneshot
  • Rated : PG-15
  • Rule : No bashing, No plagiarism, Please be a good reader ^^and also Please leave your comment after read this fiction. I need your opinion or support  to improve my writing skill so I can present a better story. ^^
  • Disclaimer :  The casts are not belong to mine, the characters and the story are belong to mine. Just a fiction, if you don’t like, please be respectful.

For : Silvi, a little sister I know from twitter ^^ I hope you like it,Dear…

… Tidak perlu menghitung sampai sepuluh, aku pasti akan datang kepadamu. I just need you to trust me. I just need a time. Karena sebelumnya,aku belum siap.

Aku menghirup udara musim dingin dengan hidungku. Senyum terkembang lebar di bibirku. Jika dapat…

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